P&E operation ensures the most reliable industrial electricity supply with a minimum downtime compared to any other industrial zones in Sri Lanka. MAS Fabric Park owns a high tech 10 Mw electricity distribution system operated 24/7 by an in-house dedicated team of experts. Power infrastructure consists of

  • 33kV dedicated line from Thulhiriya National Grid to MAS Fabric Park substation.

  • Centralized Transformer with a Standby Transformer (10Mw x 2/33kV -6kV)

  • Underground distribution system through entire industrial space. (6kV and 0.4kV)

  • Backup diesel generation (1 Mw)

  • Well-lit industrial road network suitable for a 24/7 operation.

P&E division is well equipped with Centralized Steam boilers which consist of latest and unique technologies benchmarked for operational efficiency and its environmental sustainability aspects. Thermic Fluid Heaters function as a value-added service that is provided on request. This operation currently consists of

  • Centralized Hybrid Steam Boiler (12TPH) which has a unique technology to facilitate industrial sludge co-incineration (Approved by CEA).

  • Highly efficient Oil-fired Boiler (12TPH) with the latest energy-saving technology as a backup for the full-time operation.

  • Biomass Thermic Fluid Heater (3MnkCal/hr) as a BOO (Build-Own-Operate) project.

P&E is further equipped with a full-fledged machine workshop, manlift truck, portable generator (20KVA), loader, tractors with well-trained staff to support maintenance and technical needs of the clients in the park.