MAS Fabric Park is Sri Lanka's first privately owned apparel intensive free trade zone. Its' operations focuses primarily on the development and value addition of fabrics. MAS Fabric Park spans into 165 acres located in a tranquil environment in Thulhiriya, bordering Ma-Oya. The Park plays a strategic role in the vertical integration of the MAS supply chain. In tandem, the park also offers shared services to investors.

MAS Fabric Park provides industrial support services such as centralized water, power, steam supply and effluent treatment to investors who would set up shop within the Park making it a plug and play operation. The Park provides 10 MVA medium voltage power supply through an underground distribution system, purify (to WHO Standards) and supply a capacity of 9000 Cubic Meters of water (daily), provide effluent treatment for 4000 Cubic Meters of biological and chemical waste (daily), provide supply chain management solutions, food & beverage with industrial mega kitchen. It also provides chalet accommodation.

MAS Active Linea AITC, MAS Intimates Thurulie, Textprint Lanka, Trischel Fabrics, MAS Kreeda Methliya, MAS Fabrics Intimo, MAS Fabrics Matrix & BAM Knitting Pvt. Ltd operate their plants in the Park.


“Create a Platform for Sustainable Growth &
Enable Change Through Transformation”