Sustainable Initiatives

solar solution

The solar solution at the MAS Fabrics Matrix plant within the fabric park Thulhiriya adds more importance to a project that already has the environment in mind with the use of recycled polyester & closed-loop initiatives. The company set ambitious sustainability targets from its design phase and plant management used all preventive measures to comply with the brand’s sustainability expectations. The energy footprint of the MAS group had significantly expanded over the years and the need was felt to mitigate the same to some extent in line with the environmental sustainability commitments of MAS. A photovoltaic solar solution was introduced as an initiative to go beyond simple compliance, focusing on the company's climate change commitments. This was a pure voluntary business proposition. This solution consisted of 3,900 solar photovoltaic panels with a maximum capacity of 996.5 kWh peak. The area covered in this roof-mounted solution was 9,000 square meters. From this facility, around 1,280 MWh is expected to be generated annually, which is approximately 16% of the electricity consumption of the plant. Expected annual carbon saving would be around 700 metric tons CO2 equivalent.